Services: Getting a Second Opinion

It is important to get a second opinion before any elective procedure or after the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness.

The Problem with Impulsive Healthcare

Breast Cancer (or not?)

A woman in West Virginia received a diagnosis of breast cancer and was scheduled for mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Before the procedure she called for help getting a second opinion. We had her biopsy material sent to an expert in breast cancer diagnosis. He strongly disagreed with the first diagnosis, saving the patient from life-threatening treatments for a disease she didn’t have.

Keep in mind:

Bread and Butter

Second opinions are the most common service we provide. Patients now recognize the need to collect a range of perspectives before accepting a risky procedure.

Safety First

Depending on your situation, the cost of these services varies from a few hours to several days ($150 to $3,000). Call for a free estimate.