Services: Finding the Right Hospital

Are You Out of the Loop?

Do you know where the centers of excellence are in your area for cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes? Do you know whether your community hospital emergency room has the necessary equipment and professionals to treat you if you have a heart attack or stroke? All hospitals are not the same. Some have poor track records in treating heart disease and stroke. Some are not even accredited.

The Inside Track

Our years of experience in the field give us the perspective to make good recommendations for high quality care. We help you pick the right hospital for your condition, and present options based on your specific needs or location. We also help you avoid the hospitals or departments that don't have the safest record, so you don't end up like one of the thousands each year who suffer from medical mistakes [Institute of Medicine, “To Err is Human-Shaping the Future for Health, National Academy Press, 1999].

The Expert's Choice

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