Services: Getting the Right Diagnosis and Treatment

Correct Diagnosis

You are more likely to get the right healthcare if you actively participate in the process [Journal of General Internal Medicine 21: S3, 2006]. To be sure you receive the right diagnosis, we provide a list of key questions to ask your physician.

Complete Treatment

It is also important treated completely for your illness. Many studies have shown that most Americans receive only half the care they should [New England Journal of Medicine 348: 26, 2003]. For example, only 42% of diabetics received an eye exam or had their blood sugar measured within the last year [New England Journal of Medicine 348: 26, 2003]. Additionally, over-treatment with unnecessary treatments results in 30,000 deaths a year [Brownlee S., “Why Does Health Care Cost So Much?AARP Magazine July/August 2008].

Take Charge Now

We provide the information you need to ensure the right treatment.